Official Endorsements

former state senator
caleb frostman

"Andrea Gage-Michaels has my full, ringing endorsement to be the next Senator from the 1st District. She has what it takes to protect the 1st District's incredible natural resources, fight for a fairer economy, speak truth to power, and represent the district with courage, intellect, and humanity."

former state senator
dave hansen

I'm pleased to announce that I've received the endorsement of former State Senator Dave Hansen. I had the honor of watching him in action when I was a Senate staffer from 2008 to 2010. He courageously stood up for working families every day, with a kindness and humility that is unmatched in today's political world. Thank you for your support, Dave, and for everything you've done for our community!

Planned parenthood advocates of wi

I'm proud to earn the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin endorsement, as we work to make abortion services legal once again. 2022 may be the year that Roe fell, but it will also be the year that we rose up and reclaimed bodily autonomy for all.

Her Bold Move

"Her Bold Move is honored to stand by Andrea in this historic and important campaign. It's obvious to us that she has a clear vision for Wisconsin informed by on-the-ground work and conversations with voters. We are grateful for her commitment to advocating for women's rights to reproductive healthcare in particular -- and for her strong and impressive record on women's issues. We couldn't be more excited to see what she is able to accomplish next." -- Jordan Zaslow, Founder and Executive Director of Her Bold Move


We are proud to announce our campaign earned the endorsement of Wisconsin Conservation Voters! Like the organization, I am committed to clean energy solutions, clean drinking water, and a just, equitable, and safe democracy for the people of State Senate District 1 and the state of Wisconsin.


My time working with the National AFL-CIO served as a guiding light for my dedication to working families. As your next State Senator, I will fight to raise wages, improve workplace safety, and stand in solidarity with workers. Thank you, Wisconsin AFL-CIO.

Emily's List

“EMILY’s List is thrilled to endorse Andrea Gage-Michaels for Wisconsin’s 1st Senate District,” said Vice President of State and Local Campaigns Sarah Curmi. “As an advocate for reproductive rights and empathetic elder care, Gage-Michaels has made advocating for her community a top priority. We are confident that she will bring that same dedication to the state Senate and make Wisconsinites proud.”


“Andrea Gage-Michaels has earned the recommendation of WEAC educators for Senate District 1. She embodies Wisconsin values, understanding the important role public education has in our democracy, demonstrating respect for educators and putting students and families before politics."

Teamsters Joint Council 39

Sierra Club


I am grateful to have the support of so many pro-choice activists across the state - especially the support of Julilly Kohler.

Progressive Turnout Project

I am thrilled to have Progressive Turnout Project's support in this election! Protecting access to the ballot is a key component to protecting our democracy. Our campaign is committed to fighting for the expansion of voting rights for all Wisconsinites!


"I've known Andrea since I was [checks notes...and then checks grey hairs in mirror]...19 years old. I've known her well over half my life. She has unimpeachable integrity. She has a fire for justice that cannot be quenched. She is kind. She's funny. Like...ridiculously funny. Her heart is big enough for everyone. But she has a spine made of tempered steel. She's not afraid of a fight. She'll get in the ring and won't stop until the fighting is done. She will fight for YOU Wisconsin. Put her in the ring and watch her go to work."


Andrea Gage-Michaels for Wisconsin State Senator


Andrea Gage-Michaels for Wisconsin State Senator


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