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Letter | Candidate Gage-Michaels is a fighter

Dear Editor: I spent much of my childhood in Wisconsin. My father was born in Milwaukee and grew up in a one-room farmhouse outside of Neillsville. My mother was born in Ashland and lived all over the state as the daughter of a Methodist minister. They met at school in Stevens Point. I know Wisconsin and I love Wisconsin. I am a proud second-generation cheese head.

I am supporting Andrea Gage-Michaels for the Wisconsin Senate. Wisconsin needs leaders who understand science, who understand equality, who defend the elderly and stand up for the rights of every citizen. Wisconsin needs Andrea Gage-Michaels.

I’ve known¬†Gage-Michaels since I was 19 years old. I’ve known her well over half my life. She has unimpeachable integrity. She has a fire for justice that cannot be quenched. She is kind. She’s funny. Like, ridiculously funny. Her heart is big enough for everyone.

But she has a spine made of tempered steel. She’s not afraid of a fight. She’ll get in the ring and won’t stop until the fighting is done. She will fight for you, Wisconsin. Put her in the ring and watch her go to work.

– Brian Biggs


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